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Back to School: Help a Syrian Refugee Get Education

More than half of Syrian children in the region are out of school.

1 in 4 schools have been damaged, destroyed, or used as a shelter in the war.

Today, over 2 million children don’t have access to school inside Syria.

And more than 700,000 school-age refugees remain out of school across five host countries.

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Become a Monthly Donor

How many refugee children can you help send to school with a donation of just $50 a month? Watch this video and find out how far your support can go…

Posted by ‎Voices with Refugees – أصوات مع اللاجئين‎ on Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Every donation you make today can help reduce this number!

A toy, a friend, a teacher, a classmate, a playground, a candy…an entire childhood in Syria and many war-torn countries is lost!

A day missed at school for a refugee child is irreparable and worth an entire future.

If they are not working as breadwinners—often doing menial labor on farms or in shops—they are confined to their homes. Only going to school can help them.

Education means protection

Children outside schools are at serious risk of death, injury, sexual violence, abduction and recruitment into armed groups.

Click here to help a young Syrian refugee go back to school.