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On Eid Day, Send Eid Gifts to Vulnerable Muslim Kids

Eid is a time of happiness and cheerfulness. In these days, children must be anticipating Eid with joy and excitement.

Sadly, in many parts of the world there is very little happiness. Muslim children in Syria, Myanmar and Gaza are not able to celebrate Eid or receive Eid gifts just like other children. They are living in dire conditions, facing unimaginable sufferings.

Would you help send them Eid gifts and draw a smile on their lovely faces?


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⭐Every child, deserves HAPPINESS on Eid Day ⭐❗ DONATE NOW to GIVE them a HAPPY EID! ❗ children of Syria, Africa, Gaza and the Rohingya need YOUR help on this blessed night. They have been through unimaginable suffering over MANY years! ONLY £5 provides them with an Eid Gift and Sweets to bring them amazing JOY! DONATE NOW✅ Zakah Applicable!100% Donation Policy

Posted by Yusuf Chambers on Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Help One Ummah send Eid Gifts to these children because every child, deserves happiness on Eid Day

Only £5 provides them with an Eid Gift and sweets to bring them amazing joy!