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An Interesting Rescue Mission (Video)

The “Bystander Effect” is a psychological situation that occurs when the presence of others discourages people from intervening in an emergency situation, thinking someone else would intervene or trying to avoid problems to themselves. But what would you do?

In this video, one man begins a seemingly impossible rescue mission for a puppy trapped and stuck on an island, and people around immediately form a chain of support , all to help the little terrified puppy.

Watch how people come together to help one little helpless being:

What should we do?

Some Muslims (and others) may have taken issue with rescuing a dog. Many Muslim beliefs falsely or haphazardly connected to Islamic principles reject any interaction with dogs. But the most important to remember is:

A prostitute saw a dog turning around a well on a hot day; it was panting due to thirst. She took off her shoe, filled it with water and gave the water to the dog. The woman was forgiven due to this deed.”

Muslim, Tawba 155, (2245)

Humanity knows no borders or nationalities.

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In Islam, dignity, respect and kind treatment is meant for all creatures, even animals, including dogs and puppies.