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Ramadan Rhymes for Little Kids (collection)

Education & Fun

Have you tried before to educate your kids about Islam by songs? It’s really fun if we can teach the kids about serious and important matters like religion in a way that entertains them.

Here, we present a collection of wonderful songs and poems that would teach your kids about the holy month of Ramadan in a simple and amusing way.


Ramadan Rymes: By Elizabeth Lymer

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Ramadan Moon – Yusuf Islam, Friends & Children


Ramadan: By Zaky


Knock Knock It’s Ramadan with Muhammad Khodr


Muslim, Muslim, Keep Your Fasts

(Horsey, Horsey, Don’t You Stop)

Muslim, Muslim, keep your fasts,

Straighten your path while Ramadan lasts;

Be good at night and do good all day,

Let Islam improve your way.


Oh Ramadan

(Frederic Weatherly’s ‘Danny Boy’ to the tune of the ‘Londonderry Air’)

Oh Ramadan, that month, that month, is calling,

To hearts of hearts, and deep within our minds,

Sha’ban’s soon gone; we’ll all be busy striving

For Him, for Him, to read and know His signs.

SubhanAllah, that month opens His Mercy,

And His forgiveness waits for me to plea,

I know my life exists because He made me

To worship Him, for worshipping will set me free.

But for this month, I know I’d be a failure,

Only through grace, I gratefully succeed

To see Him wait for me to seek His pleasure,

To pray always, in comfort and in need.

So bismillah, I’ll bow, prostrate, and cry tears,

And I will ask Allah to quell my fear,

This Ramadan, I’ll read His words and He’ll hear,

And by His will, if He does will, He’ll keep me near.

© Elizabeth Lymer/Mindworks Pulishing 2015 from Ramadan Rhymes