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Raising Muslim Children in the West, Episode 1.

Living Ramadan in the West

We are pleased to present a new series by Sister Nichola Taylor about the challenges Muslim parents facing in the West. This series is specially designed to address Muslim convert parents who grew up in a non-Islamic environment and choose Islam at some point in their life. 

While creating an ideal Muslim family, sometimes doubts could arise due to cultural and life experiences prior to Islam.

What shall we share and what is better to hide from our kids about our non-Muslim past?

Where is the balance between religion and culture?

Sister Nichola will answer these questions and a lot more in the upcoming videos, so make sure you do not miss them!

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The first episode deals with experiencing Ramadan and Eid in non – Muslim majority countries

While in Muslim countries everyone fasts and celebrates, transmitting the spirit of Ramadan to our kids is not as easy when one lives in the West. What can we do?

Decorate your home 

Whether with home-made objects or ones bought online, decorating your home certainly adds to the beauty of Ramadan. Involve your kids and encourage them to create their own crafts.

Get Involved with the Muslim Community

As you probably live far from other family members, try to join more to the local Muslim community, especially for the festives of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Show the Beauty of Islam to Others

We do not need to hide our celebrations from the non-Muslim neighbours, rather we can share our joy, and use this time to teach them about Islam. 

Click and watch the video for the details!