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Homeschooling Hiccups: Challenges Outside the Box

Homeschooling Needs Time and Space

It does feel like this most of the time and in most places, like the kitchen and the living room, when they’re somersaulting on the beds. Creating time and space for homeschooling is important.

Though it’s not necessary to have segregated classrooms, a little order is most welcome in the midst of mayhem.

Certain rules can also be put in place to respect proper space and time. Loose schedules make a lot of room for children to thrive and develop.

Homeschooling Hiccups: Challenges Outside the Box - About Islam

Another challenge related to this is second-guessing the children’s progress. Homeschoolers don’t get tested like in conventional schools, and neither do they bring back report cards with an appointment to follow up with a parent-teacher meeting.

So for homeschooling parents, it’s often a guessing game as to whether their children are on par with their peers or meet the expected standards.

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to development than just exams and report cards, though they do come in handy when children are older and if they are heading down the college route.

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But, as children grow, parents don’t have to “teach” children while they’re homeschooled. Instead, autonomous learning takes place based on interest.

When children are left to dwell in a safe space and given the time and pace to develop on their own, they tend to become very creative, exploring opportunities, new ideas, and new dreams.

When there is enough determination to do something, given encouragement and lots of tender-loving care, children do thrive in their own right.

It may be taxing at times when they are bored or do need plenty of attention, but children learn in spurts, and many homeschooling families find that they really do need to give their children time and space, coupled with guidance and encouragement.

By the time they reach their teenage years, many things fall into place, and homeschoolers are known to have more self-motivation to accomplish their dreams.

They are also said to have higher levels of initiative and better socialisation skills because of the time they spend outside school interacting with others, partaking in community work, or spending time in an apprenticeship.

With Hardship There Is Ease

Homeschooling is a gratifying journey, no doubt— even for the most frazzled mother. Those who choose the route will encounter challenges, and they do come in all shapes and sizes, as every family is different.

Though there may be some who will settle for the challenges that appear while sending their children to school, there are families who do choose to continue to home school, knowing that with each hardship, Allah provides double the ease, and there are great rewards in being the primary educator for one’s own children.

Lots of prayer, patience, some organisation, and mental strength are required to persevere through homeschooling. And just like homeschooling, each challenge can always be handled outside the mainstream box of the norm.

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