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The Family of Prophet Ibrahim (AS)

The lives of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and his family were filled with constant tests and trials to prove their love and faith in Allah.

As a result of their sacrifices, the blessings of their good actions are still present in this Ummah today.

Hijrah to Allah

Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Hajar and their little baby Isma’il had been travelling for days.

They stopped at a place that had no water, plants, or human life. The only thing they could see were hills and sand.

Prophet Ibrahim helped his wife and child dismount and then left them with a small amount of food and water.

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He climbed back onto his camel to return home.

Hajar was very surprised and asked him, “Where are you going, Ibrahim, leaving us in this barren valley?” He did not answer her.

She repeated herself, but he remained silent. She was worried something terrible would happen to them, especially their baby, who could die of hunger and thirst.

Then she asked him,” Did Allah command you to do so?”

Yes,” he replied.

Then, because she was an obedient wife who trusted Allah and had a strong faith, she said with deep faith in her heart, “If this is Allah’s command, then He will not abandon us.

Running Between As-Safa and Marwa

Prophet Ibrahim was very worried about his family being alone in this deserted place, but after all, he obeyed Allah’s command.

He knew Allah was testing him; after all, Allah tests those He loves most. Out of concern for them, he prayed,

“O our Lord! I have made some of my offspring dwell in a valley without cultivation, by Your Sacred House (Kaba at Mecca) in order, O our Lord that they may offer prayer perfectly. Incline the hearts of some men towards them in pity, and O Allah provide them with fruits so that they may give thanks.” (Qur’an 14:37)

After a few days, the water and food had been used up, and Hajar and her baby Isma’il were gripped with hunger and thirst.

Hajar had been feeding Isma’il milk from her breasts, but that too had dried up.

Baby Isma’il began to cry piteously, and Hajar’s tears too began to flow.

Imagine how she must have felt – she was in agony over her baby.

She could not bear to see him suffer like this, so she placed him down on the ground and started running toward Mount As-Safa, hoping to find some food, water, or somebody to help them in this distressing time.

She stood on the mountain, looking keenly at the valley, but nothing or nobody could be seen.

Then she descended Mount As-Safa and ran in the valley, reaching the mountain of Al-Marwa.

There too, she stood, hoping to see somebody to help them, but there too, she found nothing and no one.

Frantically, she ran back to the first hillock, then from one to the other, completing seven runs.

It was hard, but Hajar remained patient and kept praying.

This event marks the pilgrimage rite of Sa’y in Hajj between Safa and Marwa.

The Family of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) - About Islam

Zam Zam!

Hajar returned to her little baby with an aching heart and found him shrieking.

Mercy, O my Lord!” she cried. She looked at her baby helplessly, who appeared as if he were on the verge of dying, praying with all her heart for Allah to help them.

Then suddenly, in this moment of deep anguish, she saw crystal-clear water bubbling out of the dry earth. Allah had responded to her cries!

Quickly, she poured water into Isma’il’s mouth, and he drank. She thanked Allah tremendously for His never-ending mercy as they filled their stomachs.

Allah rewarded her patience by causing water to gush forth from the dry earth to ease their sufferings.

It is this miracle water that is called Zam Zam. This 4000 year old stream is still flowing, providing millions of pilgrims with water.

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