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Easing Fasting for Your Kids in Ramadan – Try These Steps

Though fasting until puberty is not obligatory in Islam, many children wish to fast during Ramadan.

If you are planning to make your children fast for the first time this Ramadan, you need to follow a few tips to make it easy and enjoyable for them.

Preparing for Ramadan is the most important part of your child’s first fast.

Understanding the basics of fasting according to the Islamic Shari’ah, knowing why fasting is observed and the reward for it.

It is only when your children have a clear understanding of fasting, that he/she will be inspired to fast.

Full knowledge should be shared about the etiquettes of fasting, like observing good behavior, helping the needy, avoiding excess talking or abusive language, offering prayers on time, and others.

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Fasting Kids during Ramadan

A clear understanding should be given of the importance of suhur and iftar as well.

How to work through Ramadan

As the month of fasting starts, your children will go through changes in their eating and sleeping patterns.

To make it easy for your kids, we bring you tips from pediatrician Dr. Kalpana Sengupta and physician specialist Dr. Javaid Shah in Dubai.

1: Put your children to bed early to ensure they wake up on time for suhur.

It will also prevent them from being sleep-deprived. Proper sleep will help them stay attentive in class.

2: Suhur must include a healthy, high-energy diet besides milk and eggs.

Make fresh juices and other healthy drinks for children to help them stay hydrated all day. The consumption of fruits and vegetables is very important.

3: Let your children eat suhur at ease, without rushing

Make it enjoyable for them by sharing some stories of your first time fasting.

4: Let your children sleep a little late after Suhur

Eight hours of sleep and a daytime nap can help them get through the day.

5: Make the day enjoyable for them

Involve them in different acts of worship like charity, feeding poor children, and praying with family.

6: Restrict your kids from high-intensity exercises

It prevents make them weak and thirty.

7: Involve your kids in preparing Iftar

Make their favorite deserts and dishes.

Easing Fasting for Your Kids in Ramadan -  Try These Steps - About Islam

8: It is most advisable to break the fast with dates and water

Fried foods should be avoided as much as junk food. Intake of sugar rich foods and refined flour should be avoided.

Homemade soups form a healthy meal that provides necessary minerals and salts.

9: Kids must avoid fasting without suhur as it can make them weak

At the same time, they must avoid overeating.

10: Offer your children gifts for completing the fast to help them stay motivated.

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