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Blended Families: Challenges of New Marriage with Kids

Blended families are formed between two spouses who are previously divorced and who arrive at the marriage with children. 

You are more than two individuals; you are two parents who decide to marry again. 

When parents begin a new marriage, their children will also form their relationships with their parents’ new spouse. 

You may arrive with different norms and expectations for your children. They also need to get familiar with their new siblings, each with different personalities.

How to navigate these challenges?

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It is very important to spend enough time on these bondings while not trying to step in the role of their biological parent. 

Hina Mirza, a psychotherapist, and his husband, Rizwan Ali, joined their lives after their divorces, and both of them brought their kids, 4 in total, into the marriage. 

In this video by Let the Quran Speak, they share their experiences, which is a must-see if you want to know how to handle a situation like this. Click here to learn more!