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7 Tips for Guiding Our Children On the Internet

5 – Install software that blocks out immoral websites and ads

There are many tools available online to clock immoral websites and monitor internet usage. If your children use the internet while you are not there to supervise, then you should consider investing in good internet security. Install ad-blockers, pornography blockers and website
trackers. Let your children know that these things are installed and that you will be monitoring their usage through these tools.

6 – Trust your teenagers and give them some semi-privacy

As your children grow older, you will have to eventually start giving them some space. This is especially true for teenagers. Teenagers need privacy and space to grow. If they are under constant monitoring, they grow rebellious and difficult to deal with.

In order to have a good relationship with your teenager, you need to give her privacy and respect that space. At the same time, that teenager needs to know that the parent is still in charge and there are consequences for abusing such privileges.

7 – Deal with mistakes realistically and leave the channels of communication open

At the end of the day, your children are human and will still make mistakes. Expecting perfection from them is not practical and will lead to them lying to you and living a double life. Be practical in how you deal with your children’s mistakes. Do not allow emotion to dictate what you say or do. Remember that your duty is to guide them towards the straight path, not to chase them away.

Teach them the importance of istighfar and tawbah, show them practical ways to avoid falling into mistakes again, and have honest discussions with them about the temptations they will face at each stage of life and how to cope with them.

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These tips will help you maintain a good relationship with them, and also keep their internet usage halal and beneficial.

Originally published in Fitra Journal Issue #2 – Muslim Homeschooling in the Digital Age, kindly reposted with permission.
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