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Nailah Dean: The Isms Project

Muslim Author Tackles Marriage Crisis in New Documentary

An American Muslim activist, Nailah Dean, produced a documentary last year with the aim of highlighting ageism, colorism, sexism, and racism behind the unsuccessful marriage search of Muslim women. But the story has not ended here. 

The stigma of divorce, sizeism and ableism – are also contributing factors to the marriage crisis among Muslim youth. 

Nailah Dean tackles these issues in her documentary about “isms”. 

This second part of the Isms Project, sponsored by Salams App, tells the story of women who face rejection during their marriage search because of one of these prejudices.

Check out the trailer here.

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Visit the site of the project, watch the full video, and learn more about “isms.”  

Who’s Nailah Dean?

Nailah is an American Muslim author, lawyer and activist. She is a blogger for Salams App and a regular contributor to ICNA’s The Message International. Her work appeared in Al Jazeera, Insider, AJ+, the Washington Post, and Newsweek.

Check out her publications here.