‘The British Muslim Marriage Crisis’

According to The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Muslims form 4.8% of the population in England and Wales.  The Muslim population is larger than all other non-Christian faith groups put together.

It’s worth mentioning that 47% of  British Muslims are UK-born.

Ethnic Diversity

The Muslim community is ethnically diverse with significant numbers of Muslims from every ethnicity. However, the largest ethnic category is ‘Asian’.

The ethnic diversity within the Muslim community is a microcosm of the diversity in the British society at large but it’s also considered as one of the main factors leading to the Muslim marriage crisis.

 Muslim Marriage Crisis

In this video, Dr Fauzia Ahmad speaks about the the British Muslim marriage crisis, analyzing reasons behind it.

Fauzia Ahmad is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London with research interests and publications focusing on gendered ethnic and faith identities. She specializes in Muslim families in Britain, second- and third-generation British Muslim women’s identities, experiences of higher education, employment, social welfare, Muslim feminisms and Islamophobia.

She is currently engaged in research with British Muslim men and women on their marital partner-searching strategies and relationships, as well as their experiences of divorce, legal and counselling services.