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Your Questions on Marriage Got Answered by Sister Naaila

We had a live counseling session with sister Naaila on facebook. Thanks to those who joined us and interacted with the counselor.

The following are some of the questions  answered during the session.

–  My partner’s father refused our marriage. Now he died but my partner doesn’t want to marry me because his father said no to our marriage. What should I do?

–  I’ve been married since last year and moved with my wife to a foreign country for employment. Since we arrived, my wife has been making problems with my parents. Now, she left the house and doesn’t want to maintain relationship with my family. My parents are very upset and I think of divorcing her.

–  I want to marry someone who’s 11 years older than me. He is married and have 4 daughters but he is seeking a second wife because he is not happy with his abusive wife. He proposed to me but my father refuses this polygamous marriage. What can I do in this situation?

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In case you missed the live session, you can still watch the recorded video here.