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Hana Alasry: The 5 Languages of Love (4)

Overcoming Obstacles to Showing Love & Care

You may face difficulties while trying to express or receive love and care. Each love language has its obstacles, and you might need to make conscious efforts to show your affection to the other.

For example, selfishness when it comes to acts of service. Busyness and overlapping schedules in the case of spending quality time together. 

Cultural or familiar customs that do not foster physical touch or loving words.

Economic difficulties, which limit your willingness to spend on gifts.

If you are aware of these obstacles, you can work on overcoming them. How?

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About Hana Alasry
Hana Alasry is a physician associate practicing medicine in the United States. She has spent over a decade doing Islamic community organizing with an emphasis on tarbiya-focused initiatives. She is also the founder of SALIM Life Coaching which focuses on helping Muslims prepare for marriage and heal wounds from chronic childhood trauma and a contributing writer on a variety of faith and health-related topics.