Marriage Makeover (4/5) – Like a Garment (Watch)

Part 4

In the holy Quran, Allah compares spouses to being garments for one another. How do we put this analogy into practice? Find out in this video by Sister Haleh Banani.

Haleh Banani has a Master degree in Clinical Psychology with 20 years of experience working with couples and individuals. She was a featured expert on Al-Jazeera international, Huda TV, Islamic Open University, Mercy Mission and Bayinnah TV.

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Haleh is an instructor for Ilmflix and Qalam Institute. She was the first female to host a program for Al-Fajr TV called “With Haleh” which combines the principles of psychology and Islam. She does skype therapy sessions with people from around the world saving marriages, building self-esteem & helping individuals in all their relationships.