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How Do You Forgive in a Marriage?

Marriage Counseling By Haleh Banani

There are so many people who are holding a grudge in their marriage. They have built up resentment and animosity which has created a barrier preventing them from having a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Learning how to forgive is fundamental to having a successful marriage.

Watch sister Haleh giving a step by step description on how to forgive in order to let go of the past and build emotional connections with your spouse.

About Haleh Banani

Haleh Banani has a Master degree in Clinical Psychology with 20 years of experience working with couples and individuals. She was a featured expert on Al-Jazeera international, Huda TV, Islamic Open University, Mercy Mission and Bayinnah TV.

Haleh is an instructor for Ilmflix and Qalam Institute. She was the first female to host a program for Al-Fajr TV called “With Haleh” which combines the principles of psychology and Islam. She does skype therapy sessions with people from around the world saving marriages, building self-esteem & helping individuals in all their relationships.