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20 Questions Couples Should Ask Before Having Children (video)


Are you ready to have children? Dr. Heather Laird of “Muslims and Mental Health” discusses the 20 questions couples should ask themselves before having children.

When should you have this conversation?

It’s good to have it before being married, and then revisit it again when you are considering beginning your family. To begin with:

1 – Have you experienced life?

“Have you done all the things you want to before committing to another soul?” Not just talking about traveling and date nights, Dr. Laird extrapolates on the difficulties of pursuing big life goals while raising children.

2 – Who are you sharing children with?

How well have you gotten to know your spouse and their thoughts about raising children?

3 – Have you experienced what having children is like?

What? You may wonder how you can experience this without having children of your own. See, that’s why you should watch Sister Heather’s advice. There are great ways to have this experience before having your own children.

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Watch the rest –

Before you have children, watch this video and as Dr. Laird suggests be prepared to take notes while answering these important questions.

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