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How to Make My Children Listen to Me

In this video, sister Naaila gives some very useful practical advice on how to communicate with your children so that they listen to you.

You will hear advice such as

Find your child’s “currency”; something that when you take away they want to earn it back. Let them earn it back from you.

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Reward them when they do a great job.

Have a “contract” with them: if they do X, they will get Z as a reward.

Work your household as ” family projects”. Look forward to win-win decisions with your children.

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Give them specific criteria.

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About Naaila Moumaris-Clay
Naa'ila Clay, the wife of the husband-wife counseling duo "That Clay Couple", holds firm to the belief that Islam, clinical interventions, old-fashioned wit & wisdom will get the relief for your head & your heart in relationships. Mrs. Clay has a slew of training, certifications, created marriage & premarital courses, co-authored 2 e-books and has an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. You can contact her: www.hasanandnaaila.com or www.facebook.com/thatclaycouple.