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Sweeten Your Eid with 5 Recipes from Around the World

We have concluded Ramadan, one month of fasting, alhamdulillah. It is time to celebrate Eid and enjoy it with your family.

Desserts and pastries are “must-haves” on the Eid table.

If you want to try something different this year, check out these recipes from other parts of the Muslim world and surprise your guests.

Eid Mubarak!

Stuffed Dates

Consuming dates during Ramadan is part of the Sunnah. Why dont you use them and make something decorative and special for Eid?


Knafeh is a traditional Arab dessert. It is very popular not only in the Middle East but also in Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans. 

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Check out how to prepare the Palestinian version.


Seviyan, sawaiyan, or vermicelli, is a traditional and popular dessert in Asia and the Arab world. Here is a simple, easy-to-make recipe for your Eid table.

Kuih Lapis

Kuih Lapis is a colorful dessert that is well-known in Asia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It looks very nice, and you can design them using your preferred tones.


Have you ever tried this delicious Persian dessert? Check out how to prepare this saffron rice pudding from Iran.