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Eidul Adha: Celebrate with Dishes from All Around the World

Are you ready with the menu for this celebration? If you are thinking about what to cook and would like to taste other traditional dishes, check out this list of Eid recipes from all around the world. 

One thing they all have in common is that the main characters are lamb, mutton, and sweets. Eid Mubarak!

Nigerian Egusi Soup

This is a popular and very delicious soup with meat and melon seeds. 

Bosnian Cevapi

The Bosnian Cevapi is an Eastern European kebab recipe with minced lamb, an essential dish on Eid al-Adha.

Bengali Kolija Bhuna

This liver curry from Bangladesh, flavored with a mix of spices not only looks tasty, but surely it is.

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Saudi Kabsa

Kabsa is one of the traditional dishes of Saudi Arabia. If you want to include something with rice in the menu, try this recipe.

Yemeni Aseeda

This is a traditional, high-energy, filling dish from the Arabian Peninsula in the Yemeni style. 


Eid gatherings are incomplete without sweets and tasty cookies. Here are some traditional recipes.

Lebanese Maꞌmul

These cookies from the Middle East are filled with dates, pistaches, or nuts. 

Turkish Baklava

Fistikli Baklava, the traditional sweet with pistachios from Turkey, is a “must try”. You can prepare yours by following this inspiring vlog from the Turkish countryside.