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Everything Cannot Be a Fight!

In this video, sister Naaila answers a reader’s question regarding marital fights. The questioner states that ever since they got married, they have been fighting every day. How to resolve this?

Sister Naaila suggests picking your battle. You both need to decide what the most frustrating and annoying things are for you, then let the other issues go.

For example, food and leftover at the desk are really problematic for her. However, if anyone else in the house left a cup at the desk, which also annoys her, she would take it to the kitchen without a word because it is not that important.

If you feel frustrated over too many issues, that means you are unable to manage yourself and your feelings. You need to fix this issue. Everything cannot be a fight.

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About Naaila Moumaris-Clay
Naa'ila Clay, the wife of the husband-wife counseling duo "That Clay Couple", holds firm to the belief that Islam, clinical interventions, old-fashioned wit & wisdom will get the relief for your head & your heart in relationships. Mrs. Clay has a slew of training, certifications, created marriage & premarital courses, co-authored 2 e-books and has an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. You can contact her: or