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Effective Marital Communication: Reflective Listening

A very useful technique that improves the quality of any communication is called effective listening. It is basically acting like a mirror. You let the other person speak with no interruption, then you respond back summarizing what you understood from the person. This

  • shows attention and care to the other person.
  • gives an opportunity to clarify any misunderstanding.
  • calms your nervous system down when the emotions get high and your brain sends signals to you to get angry as a way of protecting yourself.  

Listen to the video for a more in-depth explanation of what reflective listening is and how to practice it.

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About Hana Alasry
Hana Alasry is a physician associate practicing medicine in the United States. She has spent over a decade doing Islamic community organizing with an emphasis on tarbiya-focused initiatives. She is also the founder of SALIM Life Coaching which focuses on helping Muslims prepare for marriage and heal wounds from chronic childhood trauma and a contributing writer on a variety of faith and health-related topics.