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Effective Marital Communication: Attachment Styles

The way we grew up and connected with the people around us affects our ability to connect with our spouses. In this video, which is the last part of the series, sister Hana discusses how attachment styles affect communication and some ways to help navigate them.

Attachment theory says that the way we develop our relationship with our caregiver (our parents or otherwise) is going to affect the way we develop attachments as an adult. This will definitely affect our marital relationship and communication.

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In the video, sister Hana explains what an anxious attachment and what an avoidant/dismissive attachment looks like, and how they can affect the marriage.

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About Hana Alasry
Hana Alasry is a Yemeni American Muslim community organizer and activist working most heavily with MAS Youth. Her work focuses heavily on Muslim youth development, Islamic tarbiya and the Yemen crisis. She is currently in PA school studying medicine at the University of Detroit Mercy.