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Watch Mom’s Reaction to Son Converting to Islam (video)

How would your mom react if you convert to another religion?

Korean YouTuber Daud Kim recorded his Christian mom’s response when he told her he had become Muslim.

After fasting in Ramadan, praying, repeatedly meeting with an Imam and learning about Islam, was that enough effort from him to convince her, allay her fear and concerns?

“I have never seen a Korean Muslim in my life. But my son is Muslim?” – Mom reacts to son’s conversion to Islam

Performing for an all Muslim audience in Indonesia, Daud Kim became curious and began learning about Islam.

For nearly a year he had been sharing his journey to Islam with his millions of YouTube followers. Then Kim finally told his mom, his friends and his grandpa.

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Kim now produces many videos on issues facing Muslims in Korea, such as people’s reactions to women in hijab, celebrating Eid, eating halal Korean food, meeting a Korean Muslim actor and so on.