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Trust – New Song by Raef

Enjoy this new song by Raef from his latest album, “Mercy”. Raef is an Egyptian American singer, born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland.

Known for his unique lyricism and introspective style of writing, Raef’s music is a sound-track for many seeking a path to The Divine. With tunes that move seamlessly between commercially accessible rock songs and spiritual hymns, Raef is contributing to an authentic Muslim American culture.


I am broken

How can it be?

Is all I’ve ever known a twisted lie to me?

I am drowning It’s hard to breathe

Is my faith in God alone enough for me?

Was the peace I felt at all real?

Can these words somehow help me heal?


I’m putting all my trust in You Allah

It really feels like I’ve lost it all

Hope is slowly fading away,

But at the end of the day I trust only You Allah

Our stars are burning As we watch them fall

Is there any good left in this world at all?

We’re only human

And that’s what they say

But can I really brush this painful feeling away?

Was the peace I felt at all real?

Can these words somehow help me heal?


We’ve built them high, only to cheer their fall

All for a like and and a thousand shares

Redemption lost, all of our wounds are raw

Leaving us cold and blue

O Allah we turn to You!


Trust only You Allah Only You Allah


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