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Thanks Ramy Youssef – “Allahu Akbar” Correctly Used on TV!

“Allahu Akbar” – Ramy Youssef “Thanks God” (and Hulu) for his Golden Globe.

Ramy Youssef‘s Golden Globes acceptance speech included a phrase of thanks to God – in Arabic.

The iconically missued “Allahu Akbar” caught many audience off guard, as you know how it is usually used in the media. Muslim and Arab viewers were thrilled with the surprise.

“I would like to thank my god, Allahu Akbar, and Hulu. I know you guys haven’t seen my show. Everyone is like, ‘is this an editor?’’ Youssef added. “Allahu akbar” is a normal phrase for Muslims all over the world.

Many believe that Youssef said this phrase to send a political message or a kind of protest against the ways non-Muslims have been programmed to believe “Allahu akbar” is merely a war cry.

Here is how some Twitter users expressed their thanks to Ramy Youssef correctly using “Allahu Akbar” on TV:

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And our favorite representing:

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Youssef is an American stand-up comedian and writer of Egyptian origin. He was born in Queens to Egyptian parents. His role in the Hulu comedy series ‘’Ramy’’ was a turning point in his career.