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Beyond Maxi Dresses – Summer Styles with Hijabistas of Instagram

Thank God that it’s the life-work of the hijabistas of Instagram to explore and share a variety of hijab styles, including less sizzling summer styles that aren’t just poly abayas.

Yes, covering can get hot during  summer. But there are ways to dress more lightly even while maintaining full coverage.

Natural fibers like cotton and linen do wonders to allow your body to breath with the fabrics rather than be suffocated in the “plastic” of poly-fabrics. And flow styles not only look cool, they also invite  your own personal breeze.

Have a look at how these hijabistas have found their chill.

Zaheee 22

One of the best at adapting street-styles to be modest and comfortable.

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Hijabi Bella

Elegant street styles


Stylish Channa

A great variety of full skirts and retro styles prove effortlessly hijab-friendly.


Lamyae Alahyane

PROTIP: Follow sisters like Lamyae in the Mediterenean (and Asia) for cool inspirations.


With Love Leena

Always super stylish, with a splash of cool for summer.



Cute off the rack ideas, especially for plus-sized sisters.



A collection of especially great urban and coordinate-looks.

Thanks to the hijabistas of Instagram! We hope you find your chill factor this summer.