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Sir Mo Farah Angry at Press and Proud to be British

The four-time Olympic champion has attacked the British media for repeatedly raising drug allegations about his coach,  Alberto Salazar.

In a news conference on Sunday, Sir Mo Farah got emotional while talking to journalists who questioned whether links with Salazar, who is being investigated by the US anti-doping agency, had harmed his career.

“It’s like I have achieved what I have achieved and you are trying to destroy it,” he said.

“You guys, so many times towards me, you have been unfair. I don’t know why.”

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Thumping his chest and with tears in his eyes, Sir Mo said: “Over the years you guys have done many things to build a person up and then bring them back down and the reality is… I’m going to still keep working, keep fighting and making my country proud.

“You can write what you like, I’m a clean athlete and as long as I understand that I sleep well at night.”

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