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Raef & Dawud Wharnsby – All About Me (New Release)

“All About Me” reunited Raef and Dawud Wharnsby after almost six years apart. A perfect song that sums up what’s wrong about social media.

“It was such a pleasure to write and record “All About Me” over the past year with my dear old friend Raef.  Our relationship goes back to the early 2000’s when Raef was still in high school.  He contacted me out of the blue to discuss the intricacies of voice preservation, as part of a school project he was preparing on vocal music.  Years later, I discovered a mysterious young musician on Youtube, hiding his face while singing and strumming some of my old songs.  When I dropped a note of thanks and encouragement to the talented vocalist, he revealed his true identity and, lo and behold… it turned out to be Raef!” Dawud Wharnsby wrote on his website.

“All About Me” Lyrics

Have I lost my mind, wasting time

Begging for the whole world to subscribe

Did I lose control of my ego

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You know a selfie’s never good the first hundred times!


‘Cause I’m living my life all through a screen

Filtered friends, yeah I’m loving the dream

No I don’t want to wake to a world that is so real

I’m feeding my Me, keep me in this twirl!

Looking for likes in a lonely world

Trying to numb my pain just to know that I can feel


‘Cause you know what they say:

Hey! We’ve got the answer!

It’s all about me, and for my pleasure!

And you know what they say:

Hey! It just feels better!

It’s all about me, and that’s what matters!


Oh, hey! It’s all about me!

Oh, hey! It’s all about me!


Is it worth a post, if I can’t boast

About the views and comments that fill my eyes

Stuck in our own bubble.

And even if it goes viral

Why can’t we speak heart to heart with an open mind