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Not An Apology (Short-Film)

This film was inspired by recent Islamophobic attacks against Muslim women across the world, in hope that we can make a difference and put an end to these attacks.

Why do innocent Muslim and especially Muslim women have to pay the price for the wrong doings or misguided “extremists”? Why do we have to apologize for their actions? Watch this short film by Nasim Asgari and Share if you like it!

Nasim Asgari is a 17-year-old Muslim thinker, dreamer, a seeker and student of the truth who happens to passionately write and perform poetry. Nasim has shared her poems at many events and poetry slams. She is starting to compile her work into a published book and album. Nasim began writing at the age of 10 when she decided to use her voice to and written words to express herself and to shed light on issues that are often undermined by today’s society.