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Here Are The Best Cute Eid Decorations on Instagram

Since we will likely stay indoors for most of this Eid, let’s be sure to make it festive.

Do just one or combine them: Decorate a wall, a room and serve your treats adorably.

Here are some of our favorite Eid decor moments from Instagram.

Just A Wall?

Go big or keep it simple, focus on one wall, one corner or one buffet table and make it something special!

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Get Zoom Ready!

We are likely going to be on the phone a lot more this Eid. Dedicate an area to being comfortable and cute while making all your video greetings. It will be sure to set a festive mood.

What Cute Food!

Just when you thought you were over food, it’s Eid and time to ramp up the treats and presentation. We love the idea of something unexpected in edible arrangements, such as the cookie terrariums (deserts, we mean) or serving in some other unusual vessel.

Showcase With A Bookcase

Step 1: swipe everything off the bookcase into a big box. Step 2: gather up candles, flowers, lovely pieces from around the house and create a festive mood just for Eid on your bookcase or shelves.

DIY Fun For Everyone

Look, it’s getting down to the wire. Work with what you have, adjust our Instagrammers’ ideas and make something festive. Your children will love that almost as much as the Eid cake.

Thanks again to all the talented Muslims posting their inspiring ideas on Instagram!