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Funny Questions Muslim Girls Often Get on Hijab

“Do you sleep with it?”

“Do you take a shower in it?”

“Are you forced to wear it?”

“Do you wear it at home?”

“Do you feel hot?”

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“Is it waterproof?”

“Can’t you show a little of your hair?”

“Can’t you take it off for work?”

“Don’t you want to fit in?”

So, which of these funny questions have you been asked?

Funny Questions Muslim Girls Often Get on Hijab - About Islam

The Hijab Challenge

For many Muslim girls, wearing a hijab in the west is a challenge .

These are some of the frequently asked questions about hijab Muslim students get asked at school or on campus. Sometimes, it’s funny; other times it’s challenging and most of the times it takes patience and understanding to be able to deal with such questions and educate people about Islam and Muslims.

This picture is drawn by members of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) who are also students of their local Catholic School during a club activity.

The purpose of the MSA is to enlighten non-Muslim students on the behaviors and qualities of what it means to be a Muslim student.

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