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Female Qur’an Reciters Celebrating Life of Muhammad

Have you sat in an audience being mesmerized by Qur’an recitation? With its appeasing recitation, Qur’an speaks directly to the soul.

For many listeners, the reciters have always been men. Very few people have heard female Qur’an reciters. Even fewer have heard of them at all, or knew that women can be Qur’an reciters. Well, here is a collection of great female Qur’an reciters to inspire and relieve you.

The Rabbani Project is honoring the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace by upon him) this month with a special edition of the Ladies of Light series. This Saturday October 24th (recordings of the event will be available), Ladies of Light will feature several female Qur’an reciters as well as scholar-speakers, poetry and drumming. This is an excellent opportunity to be introduced to the other world of reciters. And for right now…

Enjoy some female Qur’an reciters:

Madinah Javed

Based in Scotland, Madinah Javed is one of the few Qur’an reciters who perform publicly.
She launched the #FemaleReciters campaign in 2017 to raise the voices of female Qur’an reciters both of today and in the years gone by.

Here Javed recites and talks about her experience of being a female Qur’an reciter.

You can follow her on IG @madinahjaved
On Twitter @madinahjaved
On YouTube: madinah javed

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Nusaiba Mohammad Timol

Based in the UK, Nusaiba grew up in Saudi Arabia and the UK, and publicly recited Qur’an as a child. She was the first ever female in the national Qur’an competition final and  grew up with both her mother and grandmother teaching Qur’an recital, and now has her own school, WAW Creative Arts, the first Islamic Creative Arts school in the UK, with the syllabus taken from the seerah.

You can follow her on Instagram @ iamnusaiba

Maryam Amir

Based out of the US, Ustadha Maryam Amir  is a student and teacher who passionately speaks about the history and role of Women in Islam, and Muslim communities, and the need for women to cultivate a personal relationship with the Qur’an.

You can follow her on instagram @thermaryamamir and on You Tube:  Maryam Amir

Jennifer Grout

American based singer and performer, she shares Arabic songs and nasheeds to her audiences on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. She rose to popularity being a non Arabic speaker who sang in Arabic and performed on the show Arabs Got Talent.

Qari’a Schaymae Yousfi

Yousfi’s recitation style has a distinct touch from her Moroccan heritage.

You can listen to Qari’a Schaymae’s recitations on her Instagram @ schaymae_you

Why do we need female reciters?

In 2009, members of the Rabbani Project were blessed to spend some time in Syria studying with various Female Shaykhas and attending numerous Female only study circles. Within the walls of the Ummayad Mosque, Syria hosts the only Female Hadith School. Young ladies as young as 16 or 17 years old have memorized the Qur’an, the books of Bukhari and numerous other Islamic literature and history. This was the first time Rabbani Project so thoroughly witnessed women who are doctors, teachers, nurses, mothers, wives but yet also find the time to be learned scholars in their religion and teach others. 

This visit inspired the Rabbani Project to put on its first ever Ladies of Light in 2011 at SOAS University of London.

‘Ladies of Light’ Series

Female-only events encourage and allow women to express themselves in a comfortable environment. Ladies of Light is now a platform for women to come together and learn about Muslim women past, present and future who have educated and inspired generations. They have changed history be it in their homes, communities or in society. It is our responsibility as women to learn about our religion in order for us to teach the next generation. Hearing other women recite Qur’an encourages us to have ihsan and strive harder in our own journey with the Qur’an. It is also beautiful to listen to!

Female Qur'an Reciters Celebrating Life of Muhammad - About Islam
The female-only Ladies of Light event by The Rabbani Project will be online October 24th. Their Qur’an reciters will be:

  • Ustadha Attiqah Suhaimi (Singapore)
  • Madinah Javed (Scotland)
  • Hafidha Nour (Australia)
  • Hafidha Suendous (Australia)
  • Mujesira Neimarlija (Bosnia)
  • Schaymae Yousfi (Morrocco)
  • Qari’a Aqsa (UK)

Registration for ‘Honoring the Beloved’ is available here. The Ladies of Light series also includes monthly workshops which encourage and celebrate the feminine and faith.

If you’ve been inspired to learn about women’s journeys when it comes to recitation and  memorization of Qur’an, Dr. Saadia Mian has authored a book called The Crowning Ventures. It highlights inspirational stories of women during their personal journey of Qur’an memorization.