Don’t Miss the Festive Part of Ramadan: Decorations

The Best of Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Yes, you need to decorate for Ramadan. Even in quarantine, this is our holiday. Make yourself feel how special this time is by surrounding yourself in Ramadan vibes.

Decorating will give you a lift. Even if you don’t have kids. Maybe especially if you don’t have kids who bring that extra excited energy to the holy month.

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Make Ramadan special for yourself with just a little beautification, such as a table centerpiece or serving meals on lovely dishes. 

Here is a rundown of the best Ramadan decor ideas from YouTube and Instagram.

Simple and Lovely DIY Ideas

You are likely to have most of these items on hand or can easily substitute items.

Life of a Brown Mom has dozens of cute crafts. Check the description of  this “Easy Ramadan DIYs 2019” video for links to more ideas.

Little Rubif demonstrates how easy and satisfying it is to create a “DIY Ramadan centerpiece for dining table” with items on hand. You can do this!

Fleur Rosanna shows how to make a garland, centerpiece and other simple paper crafts in her video “Home Decor Ramadan | DIY & Affordable.”

From Fatou With Love creates an extra festive shadow box with fairy lights in “Ramadan 2020 Decor DIY.”

Eyespiration from Instagram

Here are some of the cutest,inspiring Ramadan decoration posts on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

#JannahJournal now available on Amazon as a DIY lift-a-flap book (stay tuned for the flip-through video) 🌈 . . You can try any of the following purchase links if the above doesn’t work and see if any of these ship to your country: • UK: • GERMANY: • FRANCE: • ITALY: • CANADA: . . . Although the journal is geared towards kids who can write (5+), I’ve personally used the Jannah quotes and ahadith part with my 3 yr old too (who turned 5 few days ago 💖 and loves exploring art techniques in the journal). We started our night ritual of Jannah discussions around 2 yrs ago and it has brought so many positive changes in her life (more than any kind of punishment or threats), that I try to never leave this ritual even when I’m bone-tired. . . Due to this, kids' love for Allah deepened to the point where I would find “I love Allah” written in their drawings and belongings. They would ask to be left alone so they can make dua to Allah whenever they felt stressed. They became more kind to people around them. They became more obedient children alhamdulillah. They fought less with their siblings. They would recite Quran and perform Salah without any reminder just because they wanted more “jannah points” (rewards that ultimately lead us to Jannah with Allah’s mercy) alhamdulillah. May Allah keep them steadfast! . . I pray that your child (and even you) can benefit from this journal the same way or more… You can read all the details about the journal here 👇 . . . 📸: Kids have been REALLY missing their masjid trips so I converted their chalkboard wall stickers into minaret shapes. My 2yr old is a super doodler (which means I've repainted my walls countless times) so chalkboard felt like the safest choice for her artistic little hands 🥴 We are re-using the colourful shapes from the Jannah Journal (from last year). My 5yr old wanted to do them again this year. She's calling it her Ramadan corner ⭐🌙 #ramadan2020

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Rainbow Garland and Chalkboard Paint by Ayeina_Official
30 Days of Ramadan Advent by Pingetest Mama
Soumyoun suggests making beautiful Ramadan-themed ornaments. (search for a “ornament dough” recipe)

Print Out and Move On

Many artists have created beautiful artworks that you can purchase and print out to use in your home. *

Sarah Siddiqi offers for free several of her whimsical creations for you to print, color and decorate with.

*Please keep in mind that you do not have the halal right to reproduce, copy or commercially benefit from their work. Appreciate and don’t abuse their work. Only use these printables in your own home.*

We hope you find the spirit of Ramadan and have a blessing filled holiday.