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Cheer Up with This New Song By Maher Zain -“Live It Up”

As usual, Maher Zain picks a strong theme and sends an inspiring message through music. This time written by Waqas Ali Qadri and Lenny Martinez of Outlandish & Maher Zain. The song is produced by Waqas Ali Qadri.

“Live It Up” Lyrics:

Siempre real y sincero

(Always real and sincere)

De Copenhague hasta el caribe

(From Copenhagen to the Caribbean)

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Siempre real y sincero

(Always real and sincere)


Say I never settle for less

So triple down on, on positivity

Dark clouds they come and they go all the time

My eyes on the prize so I pay them no mind

And always give it my best

Say I gotta get up and get on my way

Leave the negativity way behind me

Say I’ll never settle for less


Sometimes it seems that we gotta lose it all

Before we can see that nothing lasts forever

Risk it all for love, love is from above

And all my life, my life, my life is for

You So I’mma live it up