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Black Muslim Women Travelers – 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow

“Black women can do anything. We’ve proven that time and time and time again.” -Tarana Burke

While traveling as a Muslim has its own challenges, then as a woman on top of that, there are even more twists for Black Muslim women travelers. Here are seven Black Muslimah travel bloggers with inspiring accounts to follow, and by follow we mean go have an adventure!

1 – Oh Yasmin Travels

Somali American Yasmin Ali says, “Understanding the struggles of traveling Muslim, I aim to defeat it, while also bringing a camera along as my love.” Yasmin captures stunning landscapes (Iceland!), architecture and with no fear of the cold beautiful shots of snow-covered lands.

Be sure to click over to Yasmin’s frequently updated blog for more travel yumminess and tips, including her view of “Traveling During the Government Shutdown – The Do’s And Don’ts.”

2 – Black Muslim and Traveling

As an American teaching in The People’s Republic of China, Ayah gives plenty of peeks at traveling in China. And beyond, of course. You’ll really enjoy her story over at the Hijabi Globe Trotter blog, which is linked on Ayah’s Instagram bio:

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“I guess my travel aspirations began in my childhood. Being from Mississippi, we didn’t travel much, and most people can’t fathom moving to another town let alone a whole other country.

However, I was always imaginative. I read lots of books, and, although many of the stories described made up, fictional towns, I’d dream of experiencing something other than the Mississippi woods and soul food.

After getting my first taste of travel as an adult, when I packed up and moved to Arkansas, I became addicted to the excitement of discovering new places.” via Hijabi Globe Trotter

3 – Hijabi Globe Trotter

“Travel Writer~Foodie” – such a modest understatement. Look, we don’t want to play favorites, but… let’s just say Kareemah covers a lot of ground!

Mali, New Orleans, Peru, San Francisco, South Africa, Singapore, Spain and then some. Her aforementioned blog is also wonderful, grab a cup of something and take a some little trips with Kareemah on

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EN: I always like to keep my content on a positive note, full of happy travel stories and experiences but we all know that's not reality. I would be lying if I told you that traveling as a visible Muslim -be it the way you look, what you wear, your stereotyped ethnicity or even your name- isn't easy. Especially in today's political climate. Seeing horrific experiences from other Muslim travelers like the one on my Instagram story make it discouraging for Muslims to want to explore the world or even their local environment. My sister and I experienced our first profiling while landing on U.S. soil from Peru. It was uncomfortable and humiliating. While we were en route to our next flight home, a customs officer "randomly" selected us to go to a separate room for extra screening. Everyone in the room was brown. They re-checked our luggage asked us why we were in Peru for the 50th time before finally letting us go. I was worried that we would miss our connecting flight, but Thank God we didn't. I dislike stating a problem or situation without a solution but sometimes in life, there is no easy or step by step guides on societal problems like "How to avoid being profiled". My only resolution is to keep sharing stories like this to the world, so one day there could be a positive change. With that being said my message and purpose for this feed still remain the same: Whatever background you come from, don't let these obstacles stop you from traveling, Keep traveling, Share the good and the bad of your experiences. The world needs to hear your voice. How do you handle profiling? Photo Credit:@mmphotozz

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4 – Belle Afrique

Love all things natural, healthy, travel and fabulous? Well then you will love Belle Afrique! With special attention to vegan delights, especially #veganlondon – Belle Afrique will induce your wanderlust and make your tummy growl.

Some of her loveliest captures are from Denmark, Berlin, Turkey, Thailand, and of course she shows us plenty of London.

5 – Between the Moon And I

Namale Bint Abu Bakr is all about the goals: “In short, there are 195 countries, 5 oceans & a few planets between the moon and I. I’m about to explore as much as I can.” And she has accomplished some spectacular ones!

Highlights of her Instagram include the top of Mount Sinai, urban magnificence in Belgium, beachy Spain, Italy and again no favorites, but who doesn’t want to sleep under the stars in the Sahara?!

6 – Wayfaring Green Soul

An American permanently living abroad with her sweet family, Chantal Blake gives lots of insight to life in Oman, as well as some of the other countries she has lived in and visited: Morocco, Turkey, Kenya, USA, UK… And you will love reading her adventures of returning to her roots in Jamaica.

Click through to Chantal’s blog Wayfaring Green Soul to read all her adventures and learn more about being a sustainable traveler.

7 – U.M.M.U

Maybe U.M.M.U. is more of a fashion blogger than travel blogger, but ugh all those gorgeous backgrounds! UmmuSalama serves plenty of London, with generous tastes of Europe and the Middle East, all with a top note of Nigerian. Be sure to click through to her YouTube account for her travel vlogs and hijabi fashion.

We hope these seven travel enthusiasts inspire you! And keep in mind that,

“According to a joint study from the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, in partnership with the US Travel Association, traveling keeps you healthier….The study found that women who vacation at least twice a year show a significantly lower risk of suffering a heart attack than those who only travel every six years or so.”

Much thanks to the group Muslimahs Who Travel.

First published: February 2019