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“Black and Muslim in Britain” – A Must Watch Video Series

Marking Black History Month in the UK

Students, elders, a youth and community consultant, a sheikh, a basketball player and many more are among the interviewees in “Black and Muslim in Britain”  video series.

As the UK marks Black History Month this October, viewers are introduced to the rich diversity that comes from being “Black and Muslim in Britain” in the video series that carries the same name.

Launched in 2016 by artists, academics, and activists, the online series aims to explore the life of Black British Muslims, celebrating the largely marginalized community.

This videos are a must watch to better understand the Black and Muslim experiences in Britain. 

A Variety of Themes on Being Black and Muslim

In the current 2019 collection, subjects share their personal experiences and stories around the following themes:

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-“But Bilal (RAH) was Black”

-“Growing up Black and Muslim”

-“Do Black Lives Matter?”

-“Reflections on Love and Marriage”

-“What is Blackness?”

These non-homogeneous dialogues, coming from a range of representations, resonate with their audiences, as proven by the prior years sweeping responses and acceptance.

According to data from the Muslim Council of Britain, there are approximately 272,015 Muslims of African heritage in the UK, representing about 10% of the UK’s Muslim population. (2015 census)

Our Favorites?

Two of our favorite videos are: #3 “Do Black Lives Matter?” and #4 “Reflections on Love and Marriage.”

In “Do Black Lives Matter?” the interviewees explain the hurt and frustration that comes along with having so many Muslims not only not understanding or supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, but worse; the movement has been vilified and attacked by some Muslims.

“Reflections on Love and Marriage” explores both young and elders’ experiences. It presents reflections on  love sought by elders and love seeking by younger Black Muslims – or choosing not to seek at all. Again viewers are reminded of the scope of experiences our black siblings live.