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Accomplishments of Black Muslims in the Past 12+ Months

Black History like any other history occurs around the year and the clock. So check out some accomplishments made by well-known Black Muslims in the past twelve plus months.

January 2018: Muslim Writer Khadijah AbdulHaqq releases her groundbreaking children’s book Nanni’s Hijab

February 2018: The hashtag Black Muslim Reads drops

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March 2018: Muslim Fashion Model Halima Aden and Kadija Diawara make headlines in Elle and Vogue Magazines respectively.

April 2018: Muslim Writer Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow releases her first children’s book Mommy’s Khimar

May 2018: Imam Omar Suleiman, Professor Su’ad Abdul Khabeer and Sherman Jackson among others are officially recognized by CNN’s as Top 25 Most Influential Muslims in America

Accomplishments of Black Muslims in the Past 12+ Months - About Islam

June 2018: The hashtag Black Muslim Ramadan is in full swing

July 2018: Muslim Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad releases her memoir Proud

August 2018: Senator Ihlan Omar wins the Democratic primary in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District

September 2018: Fofky’s Kitchen; the First Ivorian cookbook in English is released

October 2018: Social Activist Margari Aziza expatiates on reforms for Mental Health campaigns

November 2018: Educator Umm Juwayriyah makes headlines for creating the first Muslim Fiction App

Accomplishments of Black Muslims in the Past 12+ Months - About Islam

December 2018: Muslim Teens Amaya and Anwar Diggins are recognized as Top 6 Most Influential Youth

January 2019: Judge Walker-Diallo is named Supervising Judge of the Kings County (Brooklyn) Civil Court

February 2019: UK band Pearls of Islam releases its first album

These are just highlights and there are many more productive Black Muslims out there. Let’s keep chronicling and curating history for the next generation insha’Allah.


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