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5 Muslim Globetrotters Who Will Inspire You to Travel

Travel bloggers, who doesn’t love them? They let us experience a journey through them and share a snapshot of their adventurous lives.

The travel blog market is booming and I started to ask myself: What does the lifestyle of a Muslim globetrotter look like?

As a Muslim you may have things to consider before traveling, such as prayer, halal food and activities. Additionally, there could be hurdles you need to overcome, like convincing parents to let you travel. It is not strange when you get demotivated by this or other factors.

Luckily there are great role models who prove it is possible to travel comfortably as a Muslim and provide all the ins and outs on the topic.

Whether you are sure to plan a trip or just want to know the possibilities, here are 5 Muslim globetrotters with stories that will awaken your wanderlust!

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1. Muslim Travel Girl

Elena, founder of Muslim Travel Girl is great at what she does: she covers all kinds of topics for the Muslim traveler raised in the Western world. From general information on destinations and budget traveling to tips about hijab free holidays and becoming a confident Muslim traveler. Her tips and stories will inspire you to become an independent spirit and explore the world close to home, but also far away.


2. Hijabi Globetrotter

The blog of Kareemah is focused on her journey to moving to Spain and learning the language. The main thing I like about Hijabi Globetrotter is that it shows reality; traveling isn’t always about rainbows and unicorns. The hardships Kareemah had to overcome before being able to travel carefree are relatable to some of us Muslims and non-Muslims, such as dealing with strict parents. She provides great tips on how to find common ground with your parents, but also useful tips on being a solo traveler.

3. Muslim Travelers

Always wanted to know how the traveling life of an American Muslim couple looks like? Zain and Huda have traveled to more than 200 cities and are still counting! They have an original bucket list of 200 Muslim friendly activities which they are trying to finish. It inspired me to make a bucket list for myself with fun activities I want to do in the future. Their blogs will inspire you to enjoy your travels to the fullest, but they also provide the know-hows on important topics such as hajj and umrah.

4. Have Halal Will Travel (HHWT)

Food, food & food! HHWT not only provides expanded information on halal travel, but also has a long list of halal food spots all around the world! This will make the search for Muslim friendly restaurants in homogeneous countries such as South Korea or Japan much easier. The site also provides information on activities located nearby halal food spots. Nothing can hold you back now!


5. The Tudung traveller

Atikah Amalina from the Tudung Traveller uses her beautiful writing to inspire and motivate others to travel and chase after their dreams. Her stories will move you and think about what you want to aspire in life. The lessons she learnt traveling solo as a hijabi are insightful and helpful if you are planning to travel alone sooner or later!

The mentioned blogs have one thing in common: to build bridges of understanding between different cultures, Muslim’s and non-Muslims. Gaining new experiences, meeting different people and exploring cities gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world. What is on your bucket list? Let us know!


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