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10 Things You May Not Know About Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday is not just a good occasion to remember him and tell our kids about his story. It is also an opportunity to search more about the details of his life.

We need to do so in order to strengthen our love for him, to be more grateful to Allah for sending him to us, and to better imitate him in our daily lives.

Here are 10 quick pieces of information about the Prophet Muhammad that many Muslims may not know:

1 – The Prophet Muhammad’s favorite color was green.

2 – The Prophet’s favorite food was honey.

3 – His favorite drink was sweet and chilled stuff

4 – His sweat was a perfume. No exaggeration or compliment, it was.

5 – His saliva was a remedy. Really!

6 – His voice was loud enough that during his last sermon it reach 124,000 pilgrims without any amplification.

7 – He never once interrupted anyone while they were speaking.

8 – He was the most beautiful among all the prophets.

9 – He slept on his right side, with his right hand tucked under his cheek.

10 – He used miswak every night.

Source: Maulana Muhammad Zakariya Kandhelwi, ed. and trans. of Tirmidhi, al-Shama’il al-muhammadiyya, 2nd ed. (1994)