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Create a “Qur’an Vision” For You and Your Family (Part 3)

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Can You Imagine a Vision Now?

Depending on what your vision is for yourself and/or your family, especially your little children (if they are still young), you will steer the course of your parenting life.

This manner will depict the intentions, efforts, and practical steps needed to achieve that vision using goals, objectives, and strategies (tapping into a bit of my primitive knowledge regarding management there.)

For example, a mother’s vision is to just enable her children to be able to properly recite the Arabic text of the Quran without understanding it.

She will anxiously await the day when they finally “finish” one such reading of the whole Qur’an, so that she can throw a huge party to announce the happy milestone to her friends and family members.

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That day of celebration, to her, will mark the achievement of her “Qur’an vision” for her children.

From that day onwards, she might not even place a lot of stress on their picking up the Qur’an to recite it on a regular basis, or to study it’s translation or tafsir under anscholar.

Create a “Qur’an Vision” For You and Your Family (Part 3) - About Islam

This is because, since her vision for her children was limited to their being able to recite the Qur’an, she will not go beyond that once it has become reality.

What’s Your Plan NOW?

My dear readers, this is the case with many, many South Asian Muslim adults you see around you. The teachers at your children’s schools.

Create a “Qur’an Vision” For You and Your Family (Part 3) - About Islam

The doctors at the hospital you visit when you are sick. The drivers of the vehicles on the roads. The shopkeepers.

The engineers working on buildings, roads, factories, and production plants.

The CEOs and managers employed by the big multinationals. The SHMs (stay-at-home mothers).

These people, although they love the Quran and have learned how to recite it during their childhoods, are barely able to take out time during the day to recite it out loud, with at least 90%
correct Tajweed, as adults, preferring to read it silently in a corner.

Except when there is a “special” reason to give more time to the Qur’an, such as attaining a worldly blessing, or allaying/averting a distressing calamity from their lives.

That is when the Qur’an suddenly starts to come out (of its shelf) more frequently, and is connected to with greater fervor than usual.

And although many adult Muslims read the Qur’an silently on a daily basis, most of them do not understand a word they are reading.

Create a “Qur’an Vision” For You and Your Family (Part 3) - About Islam

Do you want (any of) your children to become like them once they grow up?

What do you want your relationship with the Qur’an to look like? You can create that. And share it with your loved ones.

Now it’s time to make a vision board or open a new planner.

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