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Parents Rejected Him Because He Is Arab

21 June, 2024
Q As-Salamu Aleikom. Usually, when I have a problem I go to the sheik of our local mosque. But this time I can’t go to him because I don’t want to expose my parents.

A couple of weeks ago a man was asking my parents for my hand in marriage. He is the son of the Sheikh. The only problem was that my parents rejected him because he is not black.

They even made up a lie about how he is not religious enough. Although they know he is the reason I started getting closer to Allah.

I even started to pray, fast and wear hijab because of him and other things I never did before.I was only a Muslim by name.

I always knew that my parents had something against other races, but I didn’t know that it was that extreme.

They told me that they would rather marry me off to a black atheist than an Arab.

In all my prayers, I plead Allah to make my parents let go of the hatred towards other races. It really upsets me that they rejected a good man because of something like this.

They even forbid me to go to the mosque because they don’t want me to meet him. But it is the only mosque in town.

So my question is: what does Islam say about racism?

Can you help me convince my parents that racism is against Allah’s will?

I would really appreciate an answer. May Allah let you and your families enter Jannah.


In this counseling video you will learn

Ma sha‘ Allah, it seems this Arab man whom you want to marry has a very positive effect on your faith, but your parents reject the thought of marrying him despite the fact that he has this positive effect on you.

What does the Quran and the Sunnah say about races and skin colors?

What to do when your parents want something that’s against Islamic principles?


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