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How Can I Reconnect with Allah and Fix Myself?

12 September, 2023
Q Assalamualaikum, I recently turn 14 in June and have been feeling like I need to Re-connect with Allah more, because I don’t know what it is but I have been missing my prayers and not reciting my Quran.

I have come to my own realization of this after I was on a call with my friend and he excused himself to go pray but I just ignored him and say "oh okay go on" but then my lovely grandma had to tell me it’s time to go pray. I suddenly felt ashamed of this and realized how many times that has happened... If I’m being honest, I’m kinda going through a state of sadness in my life right now. It may sound dumb but a year ago a girl in my class made me develop feelings for her, this has nothing to do with my prayers but around 9-10 months ago she left me for another person, this seemed childish and I’ve been moving on with life since, but that event actually made me sad and been sad for some time. I know God is the answer for everything and yes, people have said to me "if your business with Allah is done, he will grant you everything" I’m not saying I don’t believe that but I’ve just been feeling like a bad person for missing my 5 daily prayers, it feels like the devil has gotten the best of me. I decided this is awfully bad. I’m not wise enough to know how to handle this.

Can you please share your answers on how do I fix myself and become close to Allah once more? Thank you


You are 14, and you have been feeling sad for a while. Emotional ups and downs are quite normal at this age, so there may be no need to worry too much.

Think about whether anything significant has happened recently, and seek help if you feel depressed and really down.

How can you reconnect with Allah?

Just try to be fully present once you are there to pray. Turn to Him in your duas and repentance, and feel His presence. When you take a step towards Him, He will run towards you to help.

Make sure you are regular in your worship. He is always there, and He is always the one to whom you can pour your heart out.

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