Protected: Second marriage

09 July, 2016
Q I am a converted muslin from the UK. We are living in Saudi Arabia with my husband and three children,and expecting twins. We have been married for 18 years (both 36 now). My husband converted 7 years and me 4 years. We are a happy couple and have a beautiful family life. Recently I have found marriage sites on our laptop. I questioned my husband and he said he would like to get second wife. This has really upset me, and is something that I would not except in any way. I know in Islam this is allowed and up to four wives. But this is something he has never talked about and even said he may in the future. He knew this is something I would never agree with from our friends that have decided to this. I know it say that I should except this for Allah. If I do not except this does this make me a bad Muslim, because I will not stay with him. Please help me.


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