Protected: Correct way to make dua for marriage?

02 June, 2017
Q Assalam u Alaikum. I really like this girl although she does not, but I've been making dua to Allah(swt) to create His love in both our hearts first above every other love, then Rasool Allah(saww)'s love, and then love for each other, but before that I ask Allah to make us both pious and rightly guided muslims and enter us both in Jannatul Firdaus and marry us both in Jannat ul Firdaus. I am asking Allah to give her to me in Jannah, as a faithful woman is greater than the Hoors of Jannah, which is why I pray to Allah to help us both become faithful momins in this world. Since it is necessary for us to be married in this world if we are to be married in Jannah, I pray to Allah to marry us both in this world too. There might be imperfections in this world and something might not be good for us but thats not the case in Jannah. Everything would be good for us in Jannah, so I make dua to Allah to make us spouses in Jannah and for that purpose in this world. Is is okay to make this dua, because I feel I have the purest of intentions if Immaking this dua and Im asking everything that I am asking for myself for her as well. Please respond. Jazak Allah.


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