My Husband Doesn’t Hear Me

22 October, 2019
Q I want counseling for my marriage. I don't know whom to approach. My husband never listens to me. Whenever I try talking to him about any matter, he gets angry and blames me for making him angry all the time. He doesn't want me to express my needs.

Whether financial, social or mental problem, he hates it whenever I try to communicate them to him. A woman also has many rights, which he needs to fulfill. I do every single house chore, I fulfill all his needs, serve his family, face all verbal and physical abuse. I can't go out to visit a friend (female) or a family. I get no pocket money.

I have fallen apart. He also likes talking to other girls, but he has no time for me.


Salam Alaikum,

In this counseling video:

Seek intervention and help. Speak to your family about what is going on in your life.

Invite your husband to seek help for his behavior. If not, you have the decision to sek a divorce.

You need to stand up for yourself and rights.

It is not your fault. What you need to decide whether you want to stay or leave.

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About Megan Wyatt
Megan Wyatt is the founder of Wives of Jannah where she offers training programs, live workshops, and relationship coaching for wives and couples. She is a certified Strategic Intervention coach with specialized certifications for working with women and marital relationships and has been coaching and mentoring Muslims globally since 2008. She shares her passion for Islamic personal development in her Passionate Imperfectionist community. She is a wife and homeschooling mother with four children residing in Southern California.