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Men Keep Rejecting Me; I’m Depressed



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Apr 09, 2019



Nowadays many girls face problems when it comes to marriage, and even after their proposals get fixed. I was proposed to a couple of years ago, but it didn’t work out because of his contradicting words and actions before and after the proposal.

I went through and faced many problems and hardships in my life. A part of me could hardly bear the situation and accept reality. Even those I thought to be good treated me the worse. The faith I had towards selfish people lead a way to betrayal.

The past is haunting me; however, I am trying my best to move on by prayer, duaa, and recitation. I enjoy reading, but I end up thinking of the past again and I cannot be distracted. I avoid my family sometimes because I fear they will bring up a topic about my past as they don’t hesitate to talk about the sensitive topic.

I am trying my best to become strong even by going to work, but I keep getting rejected. I tried giving marriage a second chance and consider what happened before I am very careful about it but to no success.

I used to pray thahajjud and fast. I even googled duas for marriage and would recite surah Yasin every day, but nothing ever works out. My parents are worried and wondering why I am so late in getting married. Despite me being in doubt myself, I try to reassure them that we must wait until Allah wills it to work out and be patient and trust in Allah.

Is there anything I could specifically do to help my situation? Should I continue with my supplications as I do? Please advise me.



Men Keep Rejecting Me; I’m Depressed

In this counseling video, you will learn:

Think about what you can learn from this difficult situation.

Past experiences are to strengthen you.

Listen to your instincts.

Keep going; keep knocking on doors.

Have the vision of your life and ask Allah to help you on that path.

Don’t let other people’s close-minded views stop you from achieving your life goals.

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