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Husband Prohibits Me from Visiting My Mother



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Apr 23, 2019


Assalamu alaikum.

I am from India. I am happily married for 24 years. I have 2 nice kids. But there is a big problem. 15 years ago, my husband had a big quarrel with my brothers. Since that time I am not allowed to go to my parents’ house.

I don't have a father. He passed away in 1991. But I have an old and sick mother. She wants to see me and I want to meet her. But I can't go as my husband has made me a promise. I feel if my mother dies I will be so repentant that I didn't serve her at her old age.

Kindly tell me should I follow my husband's order or think about my aging mother? Both the husband and the mother has a special place in Islam. Whom should I give preference or importance?



Husband Prohibits Me from Visiting My Mother

In this counseling answer:

Whatever happened between your brothers and your husband has nothing to do with your mother. He is not allowed to prohibit you from seeing your family.

Stand up for your rights.

Open your heart to your husband and let him know that what he wants is a too heavy burden on you.

Maybe you will need to seek help from a third party to mend this relationship.

Ask your brothers to solve the issue with your husband.

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