Husband Loves His Sisters More Than Me

31 December, 2017
Q Assalaamu Alaikum! I am married since 2015. My in-laws died before my proposal. I had an arranged marriage and I am living far from my family. My husband has two sisters who chose me for their brother. All the time, his sisters want authority over my husband’s the home. His elder sister is married to her cousin and they both were living with us until last Ramadan. Until that time, his elder sister was so much controlling us, but my husband didn’t mind that at all. He gave the household expense to his elder sister firstly instead of me. Then since she shifted to her own house near our home, my husband has started giving the money to his younger sister. Both the sisters get upset if my husband spends time together with me or goes outside alone. Both are so insecure. Even they had many times fights with me on silly things in the kitchen about household work. I just hate their attitude towards me. My elder sister in law, who shifted to her home 4 months ago, always have an eye and ears for us. She takes a report from my younger sis in law about what’s going on in our home. My husband gives so much importance to his sisters. He tells and shares everything with them. He doesn't share with me anything. He even doesn't value my family and becomes very reserved in front of them. I often tried to communicate with him properly about my issues, but he always starts fighting with me. He is also very insecure about me as I belong to a rich family. He is not really well off. His sisters always want his attention and time. There are so many other issues I am facing in my married life. What should I do? Please help me!


As-Salamu ‘Aleikom,

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The possible reasons why your husband feels so concerned about his sisters

How to communicate with your husband at this time

How to deal with your sisters-in-law


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