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How to Cope with Anxiety About Death

07 September, 2017
Q It's been 2 weeks since I started to think of death nonstop. It started a week or so after the sudden death of a friend of mine in an accident. She was 16 years old. A few days after her death, I got what I thought was a panic attack; heart palpitations and an intense fear. In the following days, I was in an intense state of dread where death was all I could think of. I started to think it was a sign that I was going to die. I couldn't do anything. I wouldn't eat and was always in a state of intense fear. I've slowly started to get better. I do not think of it all day long but I still get heart palpitations especially at night or when I'm lying down and there is that little voice that tells me 'But what if it was really a sign?' I asked the local imam's wife and she said these feelings are usually from Shaytaan, but I still can't get over them completely. I'll be getting married soon insha Allah and this feeling of fear and anxiety is really affecting me and my surrounding. Is it death anxiety? Or is it a 'premonition'? I have never consulted a professional before but I think I do have social anxiety. I'm usually extremely shy around people and prefer staying alone and dread most social event.


Salam ‘Aleikom,

In this video, you will get answers for questions such as:

– Why do I fear of death?

– What can I do with negative thoughts and my fear of death?

– What activities should I do to overcome my fears?

– Is this shyness or anxiety?


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